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Practices to Expand Perception

Susan Helene Kramer

1. Accessing the Recesses of Our Infinite Mind
2. As Creatures of Habit
3. The Bridge from Here to There
4. Corallin' in the Herd
5. Inner-Stellar Dimension
6. Lucid Dreaming in English and German
7. Music as a Means of Awakening in English and German

8. Our Body of Energy

9. Overcoming Obstacles
10. The Process of Knowing
11. 'Quiet Time' Meditation in English and German
12. Talking to God
13. Time as Liquid Silver
14. 'Touch' Beyond Touch

Go back far enough and we're all related. ~ Susan Helene Kramer


1. Accessing the Recesses of Our Infinite Mind


Because we see the limited size of our body, we might think that our mind is limited in size and scope. But, the scope of our mind is limitless, in that it has no dimensions of time, place, space, shape.

The mind 'works' through our physical body
for communication on the physical plane
and to help us learn about the nature
of our infinite soul

When we need the answer to a problem, we can get our answers, via using our mind, to go into the infinite depths of our mind using a step-by-step process of introspection, and then reflection. The word introspection even seems to come from the combination of the words 'inner' and 'introduction' and 'inspection.'

When I want to solve a sticky problem or understand a technicality that seems to elude me I follow this sequence:

          1. I write down what the problem is.
          2. I next write out all the options that readily come to my mind for solving the problem.
          3. Now comes the introspection part. I calmly look at the list of solutions and just wait several seconds. This interval, which is sometimes extended to overnight or even a week later, is the period that my mind uses, to view what I already think are solutions, and come up with further ideas or decide on a best choice. During this period of time I hold a positive attitude with the intention of wanting what is best for everyone in the situation to come forward into a thought—a plan of action.
          4. I write down the newer ideas that have come to mind from this interval of time; again reevaluating the situation or problem.
          5. And sometimes I evaluate and reevaluate several times.
          6. Finally, when I am satisfied that I have what I wanted to know, or see as a productive and harmonious way to proceed, I go forward in action.

We may think it easier or quicker to ask another person for an answer, particularly on a philosophical topic. But, why rely on another person's answers—which may be clouded by their opinions and life experiences—when we have the appropriate answers always available to us—with us all the time—ready to access in the depths of our own mind, via posing the question, followed by our own introspection and reflection. An exception to this search within would be if we have already tried this approach unsuccessfully.

Several times in my life I have had trouble sorting out issues on my own. At these times I have gone to counseling sessions with a professional therapist to assist me. Why turn away from medical or psychological therapy, if it helps us live a useful and productive life?

The combination of
introspection and reflection
is useful for finding most of our answers
to the questions of living
However, it is valid and okay to use medical therapy
if needed to regain and maintain balance
in the body-mind
Our Infinite Resource, Our Infinite Source
resides in every atom of existence
In the atoms of our soul
In the atoms of our mind
In the atoms of our body
In the atoms of every substance
All atoms directed by Infinite Intelligence
Harmoniously functioning within their own orbs
Ready to be used, as needed, for our benefit


2. As Creatures of Habit

Day follows night, that's for sure
But what goes on during is obscure

Since we have choices, we can pick habits that will keep us happy and healthy—helped by a clean diet, exercise, positive attitudes, moral living. These habits allow our natural peace and innate harmonious patterns to function in a way that keeps our body feeling energized and our mind calm—free of conflicts with our conscience.

As creatures of habit in our universe of rhythmical patterns
we have the flexibility to form and live habits of choice

What is for our long range good is also for this moment's good. Goodness produces goodness. Good habits produce happiness—everyone wants to be happy. If we substitute positive habits for those that harm us, starting right now, we create a healthier and happier life for ourselves—starting right now.

As creatures of habit
Let's habituate in happy, healthy

Using Willpower...

When we exert our willpower for the most conscious good, we take positive command of our life. Willpower to follow through on what we know is best takes courage and energy—energy available to us through positive thinking and affirming our will.

We are happiest and feel best about ourselves when we are fulfilling the needs of daily life in a positive way—doing something creative, including, creating loving relationships.

Will-power is developed by setting goals and then fulfilling them on time. By forming this habit we control our mind and its impulses—we are not letting our mind control us.

The usefulness of controlling our mind means that we can remain easeful in seeming difficulties. Through using our positive clear thinking, and acting for the most conscious good, a workable solution is created.

We assume positive control over our mind by using our willpower to affirm and carry out the highest good in each moment.

Positive attitudes
Energetic willpower
Mastery of mind

Consider, Discriminate, Integrate...

To wisely choose upgraded habits, and patterns of behavior we need to:

     1. consider all possibilities;
     2. discriminate to decide which choice is for the highest good of the situation;
     3. integrate the choice into daily living.

This three-part process is a prudent way to make and implement positive decisions—positive changes in habits. The better we understand ourselves and follow our conscience, the more conscious control we have in our lives. As we expand in consciousness—the feeling of limitlessness—can be our reality, even while living on earth.

After considering options, we discriminate by looking over the choices carefully—asking ourselves what is best for us now, and for the long run. Then it is up to us to use our willpower to integrate this choice into daily living.

Information from our growing awareness is useful
only if we apply it to living
Let's choose, use daily
that which expresses, expands awareness

Growing in Self-Knowledge...

As we grow to understand ourselves—what motivates our personal behavior—we continue to upgrade our habits.

Self-knowledge is knowing, and being able to draw
from our inner Source

Self-knowledge forms the foundation for building a happy and fulfilling life. When our actions are in-line with the highest good we are contributing to our sense of wholeness and well-being—as a house built upon a foundation with straight and true lumber creates a framework that perfectly supports its visible coverings.

By our actions we are known
With the insight of Self-knowledge
We can create beautiful actions

Self-knowledge is like drinking from an ever-flowing spring of clarity. When we need guidance in any situation, the way that preserves our personal peace then comes to mind. It is as an open telephone line from the pervading universal cellular harmony to our conscious mind. The more we converse on this open direct line to our all-knowing Source, the more we can use and incorporate these directives reliably. After awhile, the flow becomes so integrated into our waking consciousness, that the best resolve is automatic. This is open communication in its purest sense—the ultimate application of Self-knowledge.

The best habits we can have in our life are those of practicing meditation and self-analysis, combined with caring actions and ethical living—opening, clearing our line, to our ever-ready Source.

Self-knowledge brought out from within
Imbuing our actions with harmony and joy
As we consider, discriminate, integrate
The Highest Truth
of each moment to moment to moment


3. The Bridge from Here to There

The bridge from here to there
A time of transition
A time when the old is left behind
and the new is not yet quite seen

Some bridges that have eased my transitions are:

          1. Prayer—time spent asking my Source, Resource within for guidance;
          2. Meditation and reflection;
Adopting positive attitudes;
Filling my time with useful, productive activities;
Deep relaxation pose;
          6. Doing an activity that I particularly enjoy;
Planning for a future trip, or taking a mini-vacation; even a day or weekend in new surroundings;
          8. Going for a walk, bike ride, or swim—exercising;
Writing down appreciations for the good aspects of my life;
          10. Talking with friends.

The bridge from here to there
A time of transition
A time when the old is left behind
and the new is not yet quite seen

Even in little ways we walk bridges
As in the transition from night
into the dawning of morning's light
And, we can find lightness—lightheartedness, once again
by making efforts to establish or reestablish
harmony and peace in our lives
Through activities born of care and love
for ourselves and others


4. Corallin' in the Herd

Corrallin' in the herd—reigning in stray negative actions. Safely penning up unproductive habits by replacing them with more positive habits—in the same time frame.

By replacing negative habits and actions with positive and productive actions, we bring health and harmony back into our body-mind.

Our body-mind
inexplicably entwined
One affecting the other
microscopically and visibly
in our general physical health
and mental well-being
Corrallin' in the herd—
Checkin' the far pasture
for negative habits, activities
temporarily slipped from view
Gettin' them corralled in, too

When we make the effort to replace negative with ever more positive attitudes and actions we open out our horizon. When our time is not occupied with fulfilling the prodding of negative or compulsive habits we are free to roam and wander. No longer are we attached to a leash—however long. We are again free to roam and wander at will, as we did as children. The child—ever happily exploring on long summer days—not tied to compulsions keepin' him restricted, in one place.

Corrallin' in the herd
Replacin' restrictions on our time and energy
that were taken up with negativity
More lightness and energy comin' through
From positive actions
Strength renewed


5. Inner-Stellar Dimension

What reality do we experience, no matter what we are doing, that is unlimited by time, place or space constrictions?

To me, the reality that I can experience without any constrictions whatsoever is love. No matter where I am—at home, or at work, or in whatever I am doing—I can feel love. Never am I hindered by any circumstance in having loving thoughts. My mother has died, but I still see her in my mind and hear her voice in my mind—we still converse. My emotions are loving for my mother and I perceive our exchange of love, still, by the fact that my physical body feels energized when I think of her—a proof to me that love is unhindered and self-sustaining outside of our linear concept of time, and place, and space.

And about love: I have found that caring beyond myself brings a warm-feeling energy into my body. My experiences of being able to feel love at any time, either from me to another person, or from another loved one to myself, has shown me that lovingness really puts to rest forever the idea that we are limited in our consciousness by time, place, and space. As I have felt love for others in my life, at any time, I have come to understand that in consciousness there is no time. That when we close our eyes, we see events of earlier today, the same as those from yesterday.

Further, I have found that the more I stay in the consciousness that love is ever with me as an outpouring of my own lovingness, the more I see that we as the whole of humanity are connected in unseen ways. That we are part of a web—just as this commentary will reach you through the 'world wide web.' But that the web of love that we are woven upon is of such a fine nature that it penetrates and permeates every atom of our consciousness and every atom of time, place, and space all at once.

6. Lucid Dreaming

German translation of Alfred Bruppacher

We are able to go
into greater depths of mind in lucid dreams
as our physical senses are sleeping
not distracting—
Mind awake
Flesh asleep

In lucid dreams we carry on plausible conversations. When with another person in a lucid dream we are communicating on a freer and more intuitive level of our mind—experiencing in greater depth the mind that we already own—but do not usually access in everyday living.

A way to go into, and access further into the infinite depths of our mind is by sitting still in meditation—by making a firm resolution to disregard any sensations from our body for the 5, 10, or 15 minutes of meditation. There are only so many thoughts that can float up to our waking consciousness at any one moment. If we are distracted by bodily sensations, our mind is too distracted to get much new information to the forefront.

To make lucid dreaming a more valuable experience, decide before going to sleep what new information you would like. And decide that you will wake yourself up at the end of gaining the information so that you can immediately write out the new insights. Remember, in lucid dreaming you are accessing information already in your mind, that you have previously been unaware of. On the unseen levels we are all entwined and really there are no physical barriers. What one person knows, we can all know, by tuning in to our own deeper, unseen level of contact in a lucid dream or in meditation.

For example, I get the information for all of my writings from the recesses of my mind by staying in consciousness of the Universal Spirit vibration that I have told you how to contact, in my recent writing titled 'Quiet Time'.

On practical and spiritual matters, it is a question of ask and you shall receive—but you must set aside the distractions of the bodily senses in order to receive very much of what is hidden right below the surface of your mind. And the two ways that I began receiving information in depth were by lucid dreams, and quietly listening to the Universal Sound Vibration.

auf deutsch

Luzide Träume

Wenn unsere körperlichen Sinne schlafen, können wir träumend in tiefere geistige Sphären vorstossen: Ohne Ablenkung, schlafend, jedoch wachen Geistes.

Träumend führen wir ein Gespräch weiter. Träumend sprechen wir mit einer anderen Person freier und intuitiver, Bereiche auslotend, zu denen wir im Alltag keinen Zugang haben.

Um in die unendlichen Tiefen des Unbewussten vorzudringen, musst du still sitzen, für 5, 10 oder 15 Minuten in Meditation, und jede
körperliche Ablenkung meiden. Es sind viele Gedanken, die unser waches
Bewusstsein in jedem Augenblick überschwemmen können. Wenn wir durch körperliche Empfindungen abgelenkt werden, ist unser Bewusstsein zu beschäftigt, um neue Einsichten ans Licht zu bringen, 'luzide' werden zu lassen.

Luzide Träume bringen wertvolle Erfahrungen, wenn du vor dem Einschlafen überlegst, welche Erfahrung du machen möchtest. Beschliesse, dass du aufwachen willst, wenn dir die Träume die gewünschte Antwort gebracht haben, damit du deine neuen Ein-sichten aufschreiben kannst. Bedenke, in Luziden Träumen hast du Zugang zu Ein-sichten, die schon in dir waren, denen du dir jedoch nicht bewusst warst. Auf der unbewussten Ebene sind wir alle miteinander verflochten; es gibt keine wirkliche physische Grenze. Was ein Mensch weiss, können wir alle wissen, hinhorchend in unsere eigene Tiefe.

Die Einsichten zu meinem Schreiben bekomme ich zum Beispiel aus den
Nischen meines Unbewussten, im Kontakt mit der universellen Schwingung, wie ich es erzählt habe in meiner früheren Darstellung 'Stille Zeit'.

In spirituellen Dingen wirst du durch Fragen Antworten erhalten. Du musst nur die Ablenkung durch körperliche Sinne meiden, um all die Einsichten zu erfahren, die unter der Oberfläche verborgen liegen. Die beiden Wege, die mir zu vielen tiefen Einsichten verholfen haben, waren 'Luzide Träume' und Hinhören auf die universellen Schwingungen.

7. Music as a Means of Awakening

German translation of Alfred Bruppacher

We know that we hear music with our ears
Music also affects, by resonance
specific areas of our body
depending on the degree
of vibrational harmony, intensity, and volume

Forethought on the intended effect guides the composer while creating music.

The listener can adapt the composers original intended effect, somewhat, by increasing/decreasing the volume—reception of energy vibrations.

What we hear with our ears are sound vibrations. Other parts of our body perceive sound vibrations, as well. Think about how our bodies respond to a sonic boom. It causes a response in all parts of our physical body in that we physically move upon perceiving a sonic boom. Another example is to put your hand in front of a speaker and by adjusting the volume up and down, feel the waves of energy change against your hand.

Musical notes produce their own specific sound vibrations of energy. Waves of sound energy travel from the source and resonate in our ears, and in specific areas of our body. When we feel uplifted by music we are feeling the energy waves—the energy vibrations—in our upper torso and arms. Increased energy in our upper torso and arms come up in our mental thoughts as kindness—toward ourselves and with others. This is a biological effect. It has also been shown that increased physical energy stimulates the flow of endorphins in our body, which, in turn, increase our mental thoughts of well being, as well as blocking physical pain perception.

Science has shown that our thoughts are acted out in our body and that bodily influences affect our state of mind. In essence, we are affected by and affect all parts of ourselves, and others through our thoughts and actions, by the interaction of our ongoing, moment-to-moment, mind-body processes. Knowing the effects of sound vibrations on our mind-body process, we can choose to listen to music that uplifts us, energizes us, when we are:

     1. feeling low in energy;
     2. feeling sick;
     3. mentally down;
     4. emotionally upset.

Even when we use headphones to listen to music, the effect comes out in our body. As the mind-body are ever intertwined, what affects our mind is made manifest instantly in our body. We see the joggers along the road with their headphones on—the musical vibrations they are receiving through their ears are setting and maintaining the rhythmical pace of their routine.

As musical vibrations are perceived by us in our emotional, mental, physical mind-body, we can choose to listen to uplifting music to bring out and make us aware of the esoteric qualities: kindness, charity, and unconditional caring—also known as love.

The esoteric qualities are made manifest in us from the energy that is made available to us by uplifting music, uplifting thoughts, positive attitudes, and positive emotions. The more we align ourselves with, and manifest in our lives the beautiful esoteric qualities, the closer we align ourselves with the unchanging reality. The reality of energized changelessness that sustains us through emotional, mental and physical ups and downs of daily living.

Awakening is expanding in awareness to perceive what is beyond the ups and downs of emotional, mental and bodily experiences. Awakening is staying in or being able to, at will, call on the energy that uplifts our lives into mental-physical action for the higher good of each new moment.

Harmonious music
serves in our awakening
Uplifting our energy
into awareness of unconditional love
That we may remain in happiness
by acting on the higher good of each moment

auf deutsch

Musik -
als ein Hilfsmittel des Erwachens

Wir hören Musik mit unseren Ohren.
Musik wirkt aber auch auf unsern Körper,
der mitschwingt,
je nach Tonlage und Lautstärke.

Die beabsichtigte Wirkung leitet den Komponisten beim Schaffen von Musik.

Der Hörer nimmt die Absicht des Komponisten auf durch das An- und Abschwellen, die Energie der Schallwellen.

Unser Ohr nimmt die Schallwellen auf. Andere Teile unseres Körpers nehmen ebenfalls Schall-Schwingungen wahr. Achte zum Beispiel darauf, wie unser Körper auf einen Überschallknall antwortet. Der Knall ruft eine Reaktion in allen Teilen unseres Körpers hervor. Wir re-agieren körperlich. Ein anderes BeispielHalte die Hand vor die Lippen eines Partners, der laut und leise spricht, und fühle die unterschiedliche Energie der Schallwellen mit der Hand.

Verschiedene Töne und Tonlagen erzeugen unterschiedliche Schwingungen. Schallwellen erzeugen Resonanz in unserem Ohr und in besonderen Stellen unseres Körpers. Fühlen wir uns durch Musik erhoben, so spüren wir die Energie der Schwingungen, die Resonanz in Brustraum und Armen. Zunehmende Energie in Brustraum und Armen bewirkt ein Gefühl des Wohlseins. Dies ist ein biologische Wirkung.

Es hat sich gezeigt, dass höhere körperliche Energie das Ansteigen von Endorphinen bewirkt, die wiederum das Wohlsein fördern und die Schmerzempfindung dämpfen.

Die Wissenschaft hat bewiesen, dass unsere Gedanken sich in unserem Körper ausdrücken und dass wiederum unser Körper unsern Geist beeinflusst. Geist und Körper im Zusammenspiel in uns - und durch unser Denken und Handeln im Zusammenspiel mit anderen.

Wenn wir achten auf die Wirkung von Schallwellen auf unseren Geist und unsern Körper, können wir bewusst Musik wählen, die uns wohltut, wenn wir uns

 1. schlaff
 2. krank
 3. ausgelaugt
 4. durcheinander fühlen.Auch wenn wir Kopfhörer brauchen, zeigt die Musik ihre Wirkung auf unsern Körper. Geist und Körper sind verwoben. Was auf unsern Geist wirkt, zeigt sich bald in unserm Körper. Wir beobachten Jogger, die mit Kopfhörern die Musik-Schwingungen über Ohr und Geist in rhythmisches Laufen umsetzen.

Da Schallwellen emotional, mental und physisch auf uns wirken, können wir Musik wählen, die uns hebt, weitet und offen macht für Güte, Fürsorge und bedingungslose Liebe.

Wir können diese esoterischen Qualitäten in uns leben lassen durch:

1. anregende Musik
2. positives Denken
3. richtige Einstellung
4. gute GefühleJe mehr wir in Einklang sind mit diesen esoterischen Qualitäten, umso näher sind wir unserm Kern, der uns trägt durch die emotionalen, mentalen und physischen Hochs und Tiefs unseres alltäglichen Lebens.

Erwachen heisst wahrnehmen, was hinter den täglichen Hochs und Tiefs unserer emotionalen, mentalen und physischen Erfahrung liegt. Erwachen heisst, über die Energie verfügen können, die unser Leben in geistig-physischem Handeln öffnet für das Glückhafte jedes neuen Augenblicks.

Harmonsiche Musik
hilft unserm Erwachen,
hebend unsere Energie
in Bewusstheit und bedingungslose Liebe,
auf dass wir offen bleiben
für die Güte des Hier und Jetzt.


8. Our Body of Energy

The pervading energy arises within us
Flows through us
For our use in expressing the best of ourselves
Emotionally, through lovingness
Mentally, through positive thoughts
Physically, through caring actions

Energy is just energy. It is up to us to decide how to make use of it—emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Every atom of the universe is powered on the pervasive energy that flows through us unbidden, sustaining life in our emotional-mental-physical body.

A positive attitude brings in a more intense stream of energy. Notice that when you want to do an activity, you feel the energy arise in your body, and when you don't want to do something, you feel lethargic. That is the effect of our own attitude on our available energy.

Energy also arises in
Is stored in our body for our present and future use
By the practice of stilling the body in meditation

Interaction with another person stimulates the flow of energy. One interacting with the other builds the energy to a level greater than the two people would each have separately.

Improving and keeping
our emotional, mental and physical aspects in good health
allows the flow of optimal energy through us

Understanding our Body Signals...

Our bodies are designed to focus energy according to our changing needs and desires—instinctively, for our protection, and consciously, by our will power. In a situation where we need to run away quickly, we have that burst of energy available, instantly.

We react to all stimuli. If we pay attention to the area of our body where we are feeling increased energy, we can more easily assess what is happening with us.

We universally feel emotional energy in specific locations in our body. Fear and sexual desire concentrate in our gut; though when transformed into lovingness through caring and sharing, we feel the energy in our upper torso and arms—the locations leading to constructive action.

When we are in a situation where we are confused about our feelings, we can get an accurate answer by placing our hand on the area of our body where we are feeling the strongest energy. Generally, feelings of separation are felt below our waist—signaling our desire to have someone or something outside of ourselves make us feel complete and happy. Warm energy above our waist signals feelings of connection—wanting to share that which we are and have as an extension of our own sense of completeness.

Learning to read our body signals
allows us to understand the situation at hand
Full understanding—
Conscious choices

Experiencing our Natural High...

Our natural high—energy brought up in our body by adopting positive attitudes; maintained by acting caringly for the highest good.

Energy flows through us vibrantly as long as we hold loving attitudes and act lovingly.

Our natural balance
Our state of harmony, peacefulness, and contentment
The reflection of our intelligent and ever-energized Source
Our Creator-Sustainer

When we begin manifesting our unique human ability of being able to be aware of truth, we are living in harmony with our natural state; all the energy we need to carry out the highest good floods through us, spontaneously.

The natural high—
Abiding energy brought to the forefront
by harmonizing attitude and action
in living the truth, the highest good

Our whole body, intertwined as one unit of emotional-mental-physical is the vehicle for our expression of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Our physical-mental-emotional body is made up of the composition of flesh and personality into a self-composed symphony. Our notes are all our own choosing—forming harmony or discord—inspiring others or keeping them separate from us.

We are most useful and happy
within our own consciousness, and in our life
when we are ripe in the knowledge
that we are more than flesh and personality

We experience our own depth of perception and expression by seeing and feeling deeply with other people and forms of nature; incorporating our unseen transcendent qualities of care and love.

All the energy for living happily is ever-available to us—energizing every aspect of ourselves and available for our interactions in the world when we hold loving attitudes. That is most important. In our clearest consciousness, in our highest recognition of energy, we feel sustained by love and able to love others most fully.

There is more to see
than we see with our eyes
Our wholeness is deep
Our depth complete
when we meet and reflect with clear sight
Physical, emotional, mental—
conditions three
Balanced productively, happily
through positive acts—
bringing our life into harmony

Our Deepest Roots...

Deep within each of us is our place
where no disturbance can exist
Like the roots of a tree below ground
secure and steady
Our deepest roots
channel our life sap of vital energy
 into our limbs for interaction in the world

Our deepest roots are our natural state of peace and bliss. In meditation and quiet introspection we bore deeply into our internal-eternal Source—consciously widening those life-giving channels of nourishing contentment and bliss.

The opening channels allow us to integrate peacefulness and balance into our fast-paced living—taking the edge off our worldly state of frenzy.

Incorporating lovingness into meditation and introspection opens wide the access to our even deeper universal roots, where we are all interconnected.

Ever-flowing harmony and love energize us completely—allowing us to extend the branches of our arms into the many leaves of action in our life.

Roots set in harmony
Holding us upright
Balanced in everyday living

Our True Identity...

We assume varying roles during the course of each day and at the different stages of our life. Underlying all these roles, we have an identity that is unseen by our eyes, but ever present; observing all we do in the world. We are blind to this reality—we are unconscious of this reality till we become awakened spiritually. This reality is our true identity. This is the identity of our True Self.

In the consciousness of our True Self, we are not affected by the on-going changes in our emotional, mental, and physical realities. In our True Self we are steeped in contentment amidst worldly turmoil.

We can perceive, and identify our True Self when we are in an elevated state of consciousness. Eventually, we can stay in awareness of our True Self, in this elevated state of consciousness, while concurrently being active emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Being conscious of our True Identity is as if we are wearing an unseen life preserver in the ocean of life's events; we float above the turmoil. We remain aware that every situation we are in now and forevermore has a resolve that can retain our peace, (the state in which we can have contact with our True Self), as long as we act for the best at each moment.

The elevated state of consciousness where we are aware of the true identity of ourselves is a state of "active" meditation. The state of meditation—communion with the reality of our True Self—is achieved through a step-by-step process:

     1. The mental desire to know the identity of our True Self;
     2. The emotional longing to experience the state of permanent love;
The practice of keeping the body still for short periods of time, such as by sitting in a meditation pose—allowing time for loving introspection;
     4. Holding positive attitudes in thinking and living;
Acting in alignment with the best resolve for each situation;
Practicing unconditionally caring love for all.

Of these 6 conditions, I feel that the most important one is to love all with unconditionally caring love. Unconditionally caring love sets our mind in a positive direction, and automatically raises our consciousness so we can perceive what our physical eyes cannot see. We gradually rise above outer and inner turmoil to experience the permanent consciousness of joy. The permanent joyful state is the quality of our own dear True Self.

By acting lovingly with others, we come to further experience that our True Self is infinitely expansive; with no physical, mental, or emotional boundaries, as our own physical body seems to have. There is much comfort in the consciousness of knowing the identity of our True Self. Wherever we go, whomever we are with, feels like our home and our family. We feel our very own Self in all.

Our True Identity
The Identity of our True Self
An elevated state of consciousness
we can be in while awake and living fully
emotionally, mentally, and physically
by loving unconditionally
and acting in alignment with the best resolve
of every situation
Our True Self
Our Self of permanent joy
Unfazed by events in living
Ever full and self-supporting
Supporting us in every way
with contentment that never wavers
Love that is ever present


9. Overcoming Obstacles

What we see as obstacles are blocks to our growth in consciousness. When we think there is a barrier between us, and what we want, we tighten up and either prepare to fight for it, or we do the opposite and just give up.

But, there is a way to permeate an apparent obstacle—getting to our goal most easily. This way is by aligning our attitudes and actions for the best resolve of the situation. The process of aligning with the best resolve comes from peaceably reviewing the options, and then choosing the most harmless course of action.

This is the process I use to permeate an obstacle most easily:

     1. Determine what my goal is—determine what I want;
     2. Decide if attaining this goal will add to my peace, or just cause a disturbance in my life, by negatively affecting myself or another;
     3. Write out a plan of action that would produce the desired result;
     4. Apply my energy in that direction—making course corrections as I go along; if a more efficient idea comes to mind.

Obstacles are how we view
what we have yet to figure out
how to do
Overcoming obstacles possible
When we instigate a plan
taking us through harmlessly
beginning to end
What we apply our energy to
we figure out
how to do


10. The Process of Knowing

The accumulation of facts is an ongoing process. And when we have many facts on a subject, we might say we have knowledge on that subject.

And in the same way, we come to know our Self—the nature and whereabouts of our unseen dynamic supportive Force, through the process of learning and integrating accumulated facts and experiences.

The process of knowing about a subject, and the process of knowing our Source—our interior Self is slightly different. To come to know our interior Self and apply the Infinite Knowledge in our day to day living requires more than book learning. It requires:

     1. the desire to know about our transcendent qualities in more depth;
     2. taking on and nurturing a positive attitude;
     3. acting in alignment with our conscience in all circumstances;
     4. spending regular periods in prayer—supplication, meditation and reflection, appreciation, and application of the new insights;
     5. being good and doing good—acting with kindness.

Through the above 5 aids in the 'process of knowing' we experience in more and more depth the transcendental qualities of ourselves—of our Self.

The process of knowing—
either facts, or about our infinite depths
takes time, determination, fortitude
Energy applied
brings desired results
Energy applied to knowing our Self
arouses the happiness and joy of our soul nature—
To be experienced in active living


11. Quiet Time Meditation

German translation of Alfred Bruppacher

Ah, blessed quiet time. Time for Self.

Time when the outer world can be set aside, while we talk over our problems and dreams with that most intimate listening ear—our soul.

Quiet time—time when the sounds surrounding us do not intrude. Our time to listen to the eternal sound emanating from within—reaching our quieted mind out of our stillness. The holy vibration—the Holy Spirit—known also as the Primordial Sound, Om or Aum, Amen, The Word, Holy Naam—speaking to us with an ever-present voice of constancy—ever with us through all the changing events in our lives.

If we are distressed or upset, by taking some quiet time, we can reach the meeting point with our ever-present and resonant companion—lending us a soothing comfort and stability in constancy.

The Holy Spirit vibration is the only constancy I have found in my life. People and relationships change. Objects come and go. My body is aging and I need to write notes to myself more often. But throughout all of this, the past 20 years I have had an underlying comfort and constancy in my communion with the Holy Spirit's soothing audible vibrations. During all my ups and downs this audible vibration has ever been with me—never far from my consciousness when I give myself the few quiet moments needed to tune in to it in my own head.

I hear the comforting vibration as a constant and soothing wind that resides right within my head—seemingly under the crown of my skull. Listening very carefully, I have ascertained that this soothing melody is present no matter what my thoughts are—it underlies all. As it underlies all and never leaves me—but rather fills me with joy as I tune in—it is the companion I choose to be with in my times of most intense sadness and joy, both.

To make the most of quiet time and develop this most intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit requires a period of initiation. A beginning point.

By sitting in a quiet meditation pose or lying in a deep relaxation pose—just begin listening for your inner companion—seemingly residing right under the top of your skull. Listen. Listen. Listen. Then, hold fast to the soft melody.

As you would listen to the rain or wind outside your window and draw in its soothing comfort—listen closely to the soft wind blowing within yourself. And the more often that you listen to the Holy inner vibration, the more resonant it becomes, erasing out the interference of negative thinking—which is enough reason to listen to the inner instructor!

My blessings are ever with you for making contact with, and practicing being in the presence of your Holy Self. Through quiet time spent in communion with the ever-constant Spiritual vibration within, daily living is invigorated.

auf deutsch

Zeit der Stille

Zeit der Stille
Zeit ohne äussere Betriebsamkeit,
Zeit, während der wir mit dem innern Ohr, unserer Seele,
den Gedanken und Träumen lauschen.

Zeit der Stille
Zeit ohne äussere Betriebsamkeit
Zeit, um den leisen ewigen Tönen
in unserm Innern zu lauschen,
unsere Seele nährend aus der Stille.

Das heilige Schwingen - der Heilige Geist,
die Ur-Stimme Om, Aum, Amen,
das Wort, das heilige Naam,
uns ansprechend als Stimme des Vertrauens,
immer mit uns, bei uns,
in allen Wechselfällen des Lebens.

Wenn wir leiden und nicht bei uns sind,
nehmen wir uns Zeit, Zeit der Stille,
und suchen unseren Wesenskern,
uns stärkend durch Linderung und Trost.

Sitzend in Meditation oder
liegend in entspannter Haltung:
höre auf deinen inneren Begleiter,
er scheint in dir zu leben.
Horche, horche, horche... und
behalte die sanfte Melodie.

So wie du lauschest
dem Wind oder Regen und ihrem lindernden Trost,
so lausche der sanften Stimme in dir.
Je mehr du der innern Stimme horchst,
umso vernehmlicher wird sie,
auslöschend die Trübung durch schwere Gedanken.

Das Vertrauen auf deinen inneren Führer
gibt dir Kraft und Ruhe.
  Mein Segen ist immer mit dir
bei deinen Versuchen,
deine innere Stimme, dein heiliges Selbst,
zu vernehmen.
Om, aum, amen.


12. Talking to God

Talking to God. Our dear Divine Listener, within, is ever available to hear our prayers and needy thoughts—our supplications, and to be fully enjoyed in our meditations.

God's listening ear is ever open to us, as there is no physical distance separating us from our Source-Resource. At any moment we can turn our thoughts 'heavenward' and have a conversation with the All-Knowing Counselor within.

Through the prayer process of turning our attention to our Source within—in that very moment—we align ourselves for reception of what is for the highest good, the best resolve of the moment.

It is no mystery and no struggle to find God. It is rather a matter of turning our thoughts to the God-Presence residing within our own thoughts. And as, and when, we turn our thoughts to our Holy Minister within our own consciousness, we are 'face to face' with all that God is. For our dear Divine Love is that close to us—closer than any object outside of ourselves. Closer than any person is to ourselves. Closer to our thoughts and heart than the skin stretched over the bones of our very own bodies.

We go through the traumas of living for a very pertinent purpose—that we will be driven to look for an ultimate resolve to all of life's dilemmas. And after searching hi and low we turn our attention to what is left—the unseen Source of our being within.

We find this Holy Comforter beyond the boundaries of our pleading heart, beyond the boundaries of our searching thoughts. By diving deep into our distress for relief we hit the bottom—the limit of what we can figure out how to do. Then, in a last effort attempt, we stretch ourselves beyond our ego with just enough energy, to plunge headlong into the infinity within ourselves.

For inside our mind, in the depths of our self-centered ego there is an escape hatch that opens us to a depth of Ever-Present Joy. Joy, the experience of harmony and bliss that soothes and smoothes the rough edges of our self-contained thinking—which eradicates our plans that would not serve the highest good for what we would have thought to do and act upon.

For it is in harmonizing our thoughts, plans, and actions with the ointment of caring and kindness, that we escape the limited pleasure that we may have received by acting on a less than caring resolve and action.

I find that when my body is feeling out of sorts, my mind does not think clearly, and that when I am not thinking and acting for the highest resolve, my body is not feeling relaxed and easeful. It is when I become aware of my disharmony through these 'outward' signs of unrest, that I consciously slip back into remembrance of my Loving Creator, the thought of God-within. Then, I quiet my body for a moment, sit still or lie still, and take on a positive attitude. In these moments of stillness and quietness I regain my consciousness of the Holy Spirit vibration, seemingly coming to my mind from the area under the crown of my head. (For establishing contact with the Holy Spirit Vibration, read my writing titled 'Quiet Time'.) And in this regained contact with the Infinite Consciousness I see more clearly what can be done to restore harmony to my life.

Talking to God—
Then being still
Tuning within to the Infinite
and Ever-Present Voice of Spirit
Thoughts arising to mind
for the best resolve
moment upon moment


13. Time as Liquid Silver

Given quality
Brightened capacity
Flows through our lives as liquid silver

Liquid silver; valuable, held dear, expandable, expendable.

Time is flowing with a variable volume. When we are energetic we get more done in an hour than we would at a casual pace.

One hour may be 60 minutes, but we can make it more valuable—liquid silver—by increasing the quality we put into that 60 minutes.

All aspects of living can have the quality of liquid silver if we always act from our highest consciousness. Each moment we use our free will to decide how to act. We can upgrade—viewing our time as precious silver; or downgrade—viewing our time as dust, to be whisked away. Our choice.

Journeying in Time...

Taking a leisurely drive, we enjoy the passing scenery without worrying about our destination.

During the journey of living we should enjoy what every moment holds—without putting off our goal of happiness or fulfillment for the distant future. We limit our opportunity to enjoy the present by thinking the future will be better.

Life's a string of connected events
giving shape to our time
Integral links in the whole experience of living

We enjoy the present moment with the depth and insight we have gained in living. Past positive attitudes and choices compound, leading us to naturally fulfilling outcomes in the present. And today's positive actions continue this process into our future.

Living each moment from our highest consciousness
insures a continuously more fulfilling experience of life

Self-knowledge Improves the Quality of our Time...

Self-knowledge: Knowing and being able to draw from our inner Source—Resource.

Self-knowledge forms the foundation for building a happy, fulfilling life. When our actions are inline with the highest good we are contributing to our sense of wholeness and well-being—just as a house built upon a foundation with straight and true lumber creates a framework that perfectly supports its visible outer coverings.

By our actions we are known
With the insight of self-knowledge
we can create beautifully

Self-knowledge is like drinking from an ever-flowing spring of clarity. When we need guidance in any situation, the way that preserves our personal peace comes to mind. It is an open telephone line—directly from the pervading universal cellular harmony to our conscious mind. The more we converse on this open direct line to our all-knowing Source, the more we can use and incorporate these directives reliably. After a while, the flow becomes so integrated into our waking consciousness, that the best resolve is automatic. This is open communication in its purest sense—the ultimate application of self-knowledge.

Some techniques to develop the connection with our Source are: ethical living, caring actions, meditation, and self-analysis.

Brought out from within
Imbues our daily actions with truth and harmony

Personal Integrity Increases the Quality of our Time...

Personal integrity—living in accordance with our highest state of consciousness. We continuously create our reality by our choices, moment to moment—creating and maintaining harmony by following our conscience and acting for the highest good.

Personal integrity
takes courage

We are being courageous in living according to our conscience, when it would be easy to hide from others the fact that we are not following our conscience. It is easier to slide down the hill of life, maintaining or digressing in our current state of consciousness, than to follow the sometimes hard climb up the path of what we know is right. The reward for continually upgrading our personal integrity is that we become more conscious of our harmonious self-effulgent nature.

Through living with personal integrity, others notice that we can be trusted—we become a trustworthy friend, an asset to our world family.

By integrating our highest consciousness
we enjoy the most happiness in living

Plotting a Course Unlimited...

What dimension is unlimited by time, place, space?


Caring beyond ourselves brings warm-feeling energy into our body, into our waking Consciousness—to be used in our interactions. Lovingness propels us to break free from the idea that we have a limited supply of mental, emotional, and physical energy.

The unlimited energy
brought on by our lovingness
catapults us beyond
the concept of limitation

Our inner guide—our conscience—is awakened and developed by our being unconditionally loving in our daily living. As we incorporate lovingness into every circumstance in living, we preserve our awareness of harmony and connection as interwoven threads in the cloth of creation.

Plotting a course unlimited
unbounded by time, place, space
when using the energy brought on by lovingness

The Transience of Form in Time...

Some more thoughts—

Science has shown
that physical form is compressed energy—
To our eye, matter appears solid
unmoving, unchanging
In reality, everything is changing its form
Our bodies change a lot over our lifetime
from a speck at conception
to billions of cells at maturity—
in a state of flux, renewal, continually
All the while our body is changing
it is occupied
by the same consciousness—
Our Self
In whatever form our body appears
at whatever age
we are always able to say
It is me
During all the changes
of our body and surroundings
we preserve our happiness
by adapting to
and accepting the format of the moment
Gracefully flowing from this moment's form
into the next
Within the changing format
of energy and matter
a consciousness exists, persists
untouched by change
that is not bounded by limitations of time
Our connection
within the unchanging consciousness
is our feeling of lovingness
manifested in caring actions
Lovingness stands on its own—
The transient forms of time and energy
used in expressions of love
are how we make our time
as liquid silver


14. 'Touch' Beyond Touch

This is an experiential practice that allows us to 'touch' another person without being in their physical presence.


     1. Close your eyes and visualize yourself running your hand over rough sandpaper, feeling its coarseness.
     2. Eyes still closed, visualize yourself touching a soft rose petal—feeling its velvety texture between your fingers.
     3. Again, eyes still closed, project your arm lengthening so much that your hand can 'touch' the surface of the wall in the next room—feeling its texture and temperature.

Now, imagine yourself hugging a person that you have caring feelings for. It allows us to feel how truly interconnected we are with each other, and all the physical world. It lends credence to our feelings of being an interwoven part of the one body of humanity. Feeling this connection with other people spurs us on to act with love, in the same way that we would like to be loved.

'Touching' beyond touch
is still touching
And remembering, too
That we touch each other
emotionally and mentally, as well as physically
through the interplay—
the exchange of our thoughts and actions
Our good thoughts producing actions in kind
Our lovingness allowing another to feel loved

And when we give our love unconditionally
we are giving that which is most closely aligned
with spirit and soul
We are giving of the Divinity
that ever resides in, within us
Brought forward into manifestation
Enlivening us into our full humanity
We are more than body, mind, emotion
We are beings powered
on the energy of Spirit
Spirit never waning, nor wavering
in its gifts to us of joy and bliss
Multiplied many times over
by our acts of unconditional love
'Touch' beyond touch is still touching
And we touch one another
vibrantly and instantly
by our thoughts and touches of caring love


Stan Schaap and Susan Kramer

Susan Helene Kramer is an international author of more than 50 books and thousands of articles on rhythmic dance, ballet, music, philosophy, social issues, yoga, meditation, and practical spirituality for children, teens, adults and those challenged, with some translations in Dutch, French, German, Greek, and Spanish, and with her husband, Stan Schaap lives in The Netherlands.

Text and photo copyright 1999-2017 Susan Helene Kramer
Santa Barbara, California USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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