Susan's Early Family Photos

Some of the photos are blurry. They are from slides. Stan bought a program that scans slides and repairs faded colors. He scanned these for us. Now let's go back to the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s.

About 1957. Uncle Dave Jenkins at Fair Oaks on the Magothy. Sharon and Susan holding Chesapeake Bay Retriever pups. Susan is wearing pop-it beads. Those flat stones are the headstones for the graves of the Chesapeake Bay retrievers that Uncle Dave raised.

About 1956. Sharon, Chesapeake Bay retrievers and our Dad - Roland Kramer at our house at Fair Oaks.

About 1956. Murnie Kaspar (Susan's Mom's sister) with Shoron and unknown girl in front of Charles' cabin and the dog house at Fair Oaks.

4. About 1954. Sharon, Mom, Susan, David - Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


About 1955 - Susan, Dad, David, Sharon - Ocean City, Maryland.


6. About 1957 - Uncle Dave in front of house at Fair Oaks on the Magothy.


7. About 1957 - David, Sharon, Susan next to our house. This is our dog "Friskie"


8. About 1961 - Here's who I think is in the photo. Jane, Susan's mother, in hammock. Left to right: Paul Kaspar, Pat, Kaspar, Uncle Bill Wright, Mary Rita and Richard Hoffman, Aunt Martha, Murnie ?, Grandmother Helene, Aunt Regina Wright. The beach in front of our house at Fair Oaks.


9. About 1956 - Al James, David, Susan, Sharon on the frozen Magothy River in front of our house.

10. About 1961. Dad at Niagara Falls.


11. About 1941 - Aunt Mae Hoffman and her first daughter Patty, now Sr. Marguerite de Notre Dame with the Little Sisters of the Poor.


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